Practical tips for concertgoers

Classical music has traditions going back centuries, and there are quite a few traditions and customs concerning classical concerts. Here are some tips that we hope will prove useful to both novices and experienced concertgoers.


When you enter through the main entrance, the Tapiola Hall cloakroom is straight ahead at the far end of the foyer.

The cloakroom charge is EUR 2 per person.

Programme booklet

The programme booklet contains information on the performers and the pieces performed. You can read up in advance or revisit the programme after the concert. For many classical music enthusiasts, programme booklets are collectibles.
Printed programme booklets are free of charge.
Programme booklets work presentation texts are published in English on the Tapiola Sinfonietta website. Please click the + icon on the bottom of the page. See an example here.


When do I applaud?

Applauding is showing your appreciation for the orchestra. If you are completely enchanted by what you have heard, you may stand up or shout “Bravo!”.

Traditionally at classical music concerts applause is reserved until the end of each work. In works consisting of several movements – such as symphonies and concertos – it is not customary to applaud between movements. If you are not sure of whether a work has finished or not, follow the lead of the rest of the audience.


If you want to send flowers to a soloist or conductor, please deliver them to the foyer service desk before the concert, and we will forward them to the recipient.

The photo shows a masterpiece by Kukkakauppa Cawell.


An increasing number of people are finding perfumes and other scents irritating. We encourage our customers to be considerate in this respect.

Further information and feedback

Concerning accessibility, please contact the foyer service at the Espoo Cultural Centre, tel. 09 816 57200 or email When in the foyer, please contact an usher for assistance.

Further information: Accessibility and obstacle-free access at Sello Hall.

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