Pre-concert talks

Stories and interviews to introduce the evening’s concert. Hosted by non-fiction author Kimmo Korhonen, the orchestra’s General Manager Juha Ahonen and journalist Janne Koskinen.

6.15.-6.45. pm Espoo Cultural Centre. Admission free.
Note: Seats for 50 persons in arriving order.

Autumn season 2018

Fri 14.9. Conductor Klaus Mäkelä

Fri 21.9. Conductor Klaus Mäkelä

Fri 12.10. Kimmo Korhonen (M.A.)

Fri 16.11. Kimmo Korhonen (M.A.)

Spring season 2019

Fri 11.1. Kimmo Korhonen (M.A.)

Fri 25.1. Kimmo Korhonen (M.A.)

Thu 7.2. Composer Antti Auvinen

Fre 15.2. Kimmo Korhonen (M.A.)

Fre 1.3. Kimmo Korhonen (M.A.)

Fre 22.3. Pianist Paavali Jumppanen