Taavi Oramo engaged by the Tapiola Sinfonietta and the VocalEspoo festival

Single news 28.3.2019

Conductor Taavi Oramo has been appointed Artist in Residence with the Tapiola Sinfonietta for the 2019–2020 season and artistic director of the VocalEspoo festival in 2020.

Artists of the Y generation such as Taavi Oramo are typically comfortable with shifting between various genres of music and branches of the arts. Oramo is a wide-ranging musician: a conductor, clarinettist and singer, besides being involved in electronic music. His creative and experimental readings of orchestral music provide a hint of what orchestral music might evolve into in the future.

As a conductor, Taavi Oramo appeared on the Finnish musical horizon in autumn 2017 when he was called upon to conduct the Tapiola Sinfonietta at a few days’ notice. Since December, 2018 he he´s been represented by the HarrisonParrot classical music agency.
“The Tapiola Sinfonietta has a mind of its own and a unique culture of musicianship, and working with them is a wonderful growth opportunity for me. I anticipate deep dives into magnificent mindscapes, a down-to-earth approach and mutual commitment,” says Oramo.

As artistic director of the VocalEspoo festival, Oramo succeeds choir conductor Pasi Hyökki, who led the festival from 2014 to 2018. Oramo sees this as an opportunity for creating an exciting playing field for a unique event, while acknowledging the festival’s history.
“This will be a festival of the human voice. It will accommodate all kinds of music, of whatever genre, where the human voice plays a central role. The programme will focus heavily on Finnish music, with both old favourites in repertoire and performers and fresh, custom-made events.”