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Music Bot 05-MO
Music Bot 05-MO
Hello there! I am 05-MO. I will help you select a concert.

This is 05-MO!

The new music mascot of the Tapiola Sinfonietta, 05-MO, will help you select a concert programme that suits you. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned concertgoer, 05-MO can give you helpful tips.

Click the button below to take a quick test and allow 05-MO to suggest music for you.

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You enjoy music that thrills you from head to toe. You enjoy the company of your loved ones and like listening to music at home with your spouse or good friends. You do not like excitement; you prefer to appreciate life and music without undue drama. Your kind of music is music that helps take your mind off the mundane and the everyday.

You have plenty of energy and curiosity. You are always hungry for new experiences and cannot stay still for long. Music fires you up, so you listen to it whenever you can. You go jogging wearing earbuds and you love the feeling of power conveyed by a live performance. Your kind of music is music that has lots of contrasts and surprises.

You are a balanced person and look after yourself. Music has special meaning for you in winding down, whether from work or from leisure pursuits. You enjoy silence and solitude, but also like to add music that boosts your energy levels.

You enjoy yourself and relax best when there is calm music playing. You do not need a crowd of people, just a few close friends. You like to curl up on your sofa wearing woollen socks and buried in a pair of headphones. Your kind of music is music that is warm and relaxing.

You are an emotional person and appreciate music that touches you. You listen to music whenever and wherever, both alone and with your nearest and dearest. Your kind of music is music that brings you to tears.

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1. When I listen to music, I feel
I do things out of pure curiosity
I prefer to listen to music
I spend most of my free time
I change my mind
Music Bot 05-MO