Thursday 19.8.2021 18.00 Guest concert
From 47 €, Ticketmaster Huvila tent
Thursday 19.8.2021 18.00 From 47 €, Ticketmaster Huvila tent


On a dark August evening, a programme of songs by singer-songwriter Yona from her new album Uni johon herään [The dream into which I wake] is presented at the Huvila tent of the Helsinki Festival. At once massive and intimate, this album reveals all: these songs are from the extremities of human life. Yona is joined by the orchestra of her dreams: her own band plus the Tapiola Sinfonietta. Taavi Oramo conducts.

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Songs by Yona from the new album Uni johon herään

Yona released the album Uni johon herään [The dream into which I wake] on 26 March 2021. This eclectic pop album was made with the Tapiola Sinfonietta, the city orchestra of Espoo. Making an album with a symphony orchestra was a long-standing dream for Yona, who describes the album as being “in the border zone”. At once massive and intimate, it pulls no punches.
“I wanted to make an album that is profound yet entertaining. I wanted it to be honest and realistic but also to have a fairy-tale quality, because we always need dreams, even if they are a little difficult. Whenever a dream comes true, we have to admit once again that life did not become complete after all – and possibly not even better.”
On the album and at the concert, the Tapiola Sinfonietta is conducted by Taavi Oramo. The orchestral arrangements are by Anssi Växby, Sami Baldauf, Jarkko Riihimäki and Antti Kujanpää.
Yona, whose real name is Johanna Rasmus, released her début album Pilvet liikkuu, minä en [The clouds move, I don’t] in 2010, earning the Emma Prize for Rookie of the Year. To date, she has released eight studio albums in a variety of genres, in each of which she is completely at home.

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