Monday 22.11.2021 20.00 Guest Concert
From. 65 €, Ticketmaster Music Centre
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Monday 22.11.2021 20.00 From. 65 €, Ticketmaster Music Centre

Singer-songwriter Yona realised a long-standing dream in recording an album with a symphony orchestra. Her sensitive yet monumental album Uni johon herään [The dream into which I wake] was released in March 2021, but the official release concert had to wait until now. At once massive and intimate, this album reveals all: these songs are from the extremities of human life.
The Tapiola Sinfonietta and Yona’s band are conducted by Taavi Oramo. The orchestral arrangements are by Jarkko Riihimäki, Anssi Växby, Sami Baldauf and Antti Kujanpää.
Yona has released seven studio albums to date. She is known for her dexterity in switching smoothly between musical styles. She received the Rookie Emma Award in 2010. 



Songs by Yona from the new album Uni johon herään.

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