Friday 29.9.2017 19.00 Season Concert 4
25/19/11 € Espoo Cultural Centre
Friday 29.9.2017 19.00 25/19/11 € Espoo Cultural Centre

Prize-winning German cellist Maximilian Hornung explores the Romantic tumult of Victor Herbert’s Cello Concerto, which inspired Dvořák to write his own. In this concert, Schubert’s ‘Unfinished’ Symphony is given in a version completed by conductor Mario Venzago.

Completing the symphony was a challenging, yet energizing project, tells Mario Venzago:

“Normally the two existing movements are considered and performed as a kind of funeral music and Schubert’s last words. But Schubert was in the middle of his most creative life period. Why should he stop after 2,3 movements? Having a completed version of the whole symphony allows us to play the first movement as a fast one, the second as a lyrical “Lied” and to develop a whole symphonic circle through the scherzo till the brilliant high dramatic finale. So finally you have a WHOLE symphony and not only a fragment. It is important to say that the reconstruction material is taken from original Schubert sources.

Nobody really can believe that Schubert had intended to write an uncompleted symphony…. Nobody can believe that two movements of a symphony by one of the greatest composers in the world can disappear without any traces. So nothing is more obvious than to visit Schubert’s own lost and found areas…”



Avoin kenraaliharjoitus

10.00 - 13.00


18.15 - 18.45

Kimmo Korhonen

Franz Schubert

Overture in D major, D.556

Victor Herbert

Cello Concerto no. 2

Franz Schubert

Symphony no. 8, ‘Unfinished’, completed by Mario Venzago


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