London Calling

Sunday 26.1.2020 15.00 Chamber music
from 15/10/6 € Sello hall
Sunday 26.1.2020 15.00 from 15/10/6 € Sello hall

The works on this programme were written in London as a result of work-related immigration. Many musicians from continental Europe went to London in the 18th century to try their luck on the vibrant concert scene and in the thriving publishing business. The musicians of the Clavicula Baroque ensemble, playing period instruments, transport the audience to the salons of London three centuries ago.



Carl Friedrich Abel

Sonata in E minor

Johann Christian Bach

Sonata op. 17

Giovanni Battista Cirri

Sonata op. 15 no 2

Francesco Geminiani

Sonata op. 5 no 5

Pieter Hellendaal

Sonatas op. 5 no 1 and 2

Salvatore Lanzetti

Sonata op. 1 no 9


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