Goebel & classicism

Friday 15.9.2017 19.00 Season Concert 2
25/19/11 € Espoo Cultural Centre
Friday 15.9.2017 19.00 25/19/11 € Espoo Cultural Centre

Reinhard Goebel presents three period-authentic perspectives into the Classical period: a fresh, youthful work by Beethoven, an energetic Symphony by Austrian composer Anton Eberl, and a virtuoso Clarinet Concerto by Finnish-born composer Bernhard Henrik Crusell, featuring the orchestra’s own clarinettist Asko Heiskanen.



Pre-concert Talks


Kimmo Korhonen

Ludwig van Beethoven

Music for a Ritterballet

Bernhard Henrik Crusell

Clarinet Concerto no. 3

Anton Eberl

Symphony in E flat major


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