Fidelio 28.8.2021

Saturday 28.8.2021 16.00 Ooppera
Sold out Espoo Culural Centre
Saturday 28.8.2021 16.00 Sold out Espoo Culural Centre

Beethoven’s opera Fidelio is acutely relevant for our time. Written more than 200 years ago, it is a timeless story of the use and abuse of power. Yet ultimately the story turns on humanity and wisdom; at the core stands Rocco, the prison guard, played by Sami Luttinen. Distinguished conductor Okko Kamu leads the Tapiola Sinfonietta and a cast with some of Finland’s finest singers.

Fidelio is what is known as a ‘salvation opera’, focusing on the concepts of romantic love and heroism. Beethoven raised this scenario to a more general level, emphasising democratic ideals.

We live in an age where opinions become truth and opposing the truth calls for courage. This is exactly what Fidelio is about: courage, civil courage. It shows how each one of us can oppose the arbitrary use of power against us. Justice eventually triumphs in Fidelio, and thus it is also a story of hope.

Prisoner of conscience. Confidentiality. Special court. Stop and frisk. Surveillance. Enforcement. Use of power. Special forces. Military industry. Troll. Government machinery. Manipulation. Official decision. Deprivation of liberty. Fake news. Border checks. Refusal of entry. Security services. Information leak. Official violence. Roadblock.

Dark words, like a dark cloud on the horizon. What is the world coming to?

In cooperation with Organ Night & Aria festival and Espoo City Theatre.

Duration: 2 hrs 15 min, no interval.

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Ludwig van Beethoven

Fidelio op. 72
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