Friday 10.11.2017 19.00 Season Concert 7
25/19/11 € Espoo Cultural Centre
Friday 10.11.2017 19.00 25/19/11 € Espoo Cultural Centre

Lotta Wennäkoski’s new guitar concerto has soloist Petri Kumela exploring both humorous and lyrical tones. The title of the work, Susurrus, promises rustling and rasping. The rest of the programme features two faces of Romanticism: an early symphonic essay by Schumann and Schönberg’s intense Verklärte Nacht.



Open final rehearsal

10.00 - 13.00

Come and see how the orchestra works to prepare the evenings concert. The open final rehearsals begin at 10 am and end at 1 pm. You may also leave at the break, which begins at 11.20 am. An introduction is given in the foyer of the Espoo Cultural Centre at 9.50 am. Admission free.

Robert Schumann

Symphony in G minor, ‘Zwickau’, completed by Marc Andreae

Lotta Wennäkoski

Guitar Concerto ‘Susurrus’

Arnold Schönberg

Verklärte Nacht op. 4b

After-concert sessions


The Friends of Tapiola Sinfonietta is interviewing conductor Taavi Oramo, guitarist Petri Kumela and composer Lotta Wennäkoski. Admission free.


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