Obstacle-free access

The main entrance to the Espoo Cultural Centre is at Kulttuuriaukio 2. The left-hand door of the main entrance is obstacle-free, and invalid taxis can drive up to the main entrance. The info desk (foyer service) is located in the lower foyer of the Espoo Cultural Centre.

Cloakroom and WC

The cloakroom at the Espoo Cultural Centre is accessible and staffed. The Tapiola Hall cloakroom is at the far end of the foyer. The cloakroom charge is EUR 2 per coat. Season ticket holders do not pay a cloakroom charge at season concerts.

The most spacious invalid WC is located next to the Tapiola Hall cloakroom.


An obstacle-free lift to the stalls (2nd floor) and balcony (3rd floor) can be found at the back of the lower foyer. There is a wheelchair lift from the stalls (2nd floor) to the mezzanine foyer.


The 3 wheelchair spaces in Tapiola Hall are in stalls right (2nd floor), at the end of row 21. We recommend booking a wheelchair space in advance through Lippupiste. An assistant to a disabled person is admitted free of charge.

The Espoo Cultural Centre has one wheelchair that can be borrowed from the foyer service for the duration of a concert. We recommend that you make sure in advance that the wheelchair will be available if you need it; phone the foyer service at tel. 09 816 57200.

A person assisting a disabled person at a Tapiola Sinfonietta concert is given a free ticket, but the tickets for both the disabled person and the assistant must be collected at the same time. Seeing-eye dogs are admitted into the auditorium with their hosts. For further information, please phone the foyer service at tel. 09 816 57200. 57200.

Subsidised tickets


The Tapiola Sinfonietta participates in the Kaikukortti card and Culture Buddy programmes. Kaikukortti cardholders can get free tickets to the Platinum, Gold and Silver series concerts and to the Moments concerts. Collect Kaikukortti tickets from a Lippupiste sales point. A service fee of EUR 1.50 plus a delivery charge will be charged. For further information, please visit our Kaikukortti card page.

If going to a concert feels like an effort, you can ask for a Culture Buddy to come with you. Culture Buddies are volunteer assistants concerning whom you can find more information on our Culture Buddy page.

Induction loop

There is an induction loop in Tapiola Hall, covering rows 5 to 12 in the stalls (2nd floor) and parts of rows 13 to 17.

The induction loop improves your listening experience if you have a hearing aid. If you require the induction loop, please mention this when booking your ticket.

Further information and feedback


Concerning accessibility, please contact the foyer service at the Espoo Cultural Centre, tel. 09 816 57200 or email kulttuurikeskus.vahtimestarit@espoo.fi. When in the foyer, please contact an usher for assistance.

Further information: Accessibility and obstacle-free access at Sello Hall.